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Adobe - Substance 3D Collection

Adobe - Substance 3D Collection
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Adobe Substance 3D brings you an ecosystem of apps and content that empower you to design 3D. Texture assets and render your scenes intuitively. Connect your workflow to Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

The collection include Substance 3D Painter, Substance 3D Stager, Substance 3D Designer, Substance 3D Sampler, Substance 3D Modeler and Substance 3D Assets. Read more about the included apps below.

Substance 3D Painter

In Substance 3D Painter, you can select a brush and texture your asset in a fast and familiar interface. Modify existing paint strokes easily with layer manipulation. And with a real-time viewport, what you see is what you create.

 Substance 3D Stager

Substance 3D Stager is your own virtual studio to showcase your 3D assets in context. Drag and drop 3D assets, materials, lights, and cameras to set up the perfect shot. Export photorealistic rendered images, publish to the web, or share in AR.

 Substance 3D Designer

Create materials with complete authoring control. The node-based workflow in Substance 3D Designer  lets you try everything and adjust at any time. Suit your materials for any scenario.

 Substance 3D Sampler

Transform an image of the physical world into a 3D material in a blink. Substance 3D Sampler closely matches your reference photo and allows mixing of captures for more advanced surfaces.

 Substance 3D Modeler 

Substance 3D Modeler makes modeling in 3D as gestural and natural as drawing. Encourage your creative flow in this flexible and powerful 3D shaping tool.

 Substance 3D Assets

Access over 15,000 customizable models, lights, and materials created by world-class artists, for every industry. The Substance 3D Assets library has what you need for each part of your creative workflow.

Two different subscriptions plans of Substance 3D Collection for different needs

Substance 3D Collection is available in two different plans for businesses: Teams or Enterprise. In the comparison chart below, you can see the differences in plans. Want advice regarding what plan is the best fit for your needs? Feel free to contact us at Creative Tools.

Plan Type



Access to Substance 3D Assets

100 assets per month including models, materials, and lights. Asset allowance is pooled across total users, so 10 licenses will give 10 users access to 1,000 assets per month.

Cloud storage

1TB (180 days versioning

1TB (365 days versioning)

Business features

Easy license management

Advanced support

Comprehensive API to automate content creationCAD format importsEasy license managementAdvanced support

Software Specifications
Software type Materials & Textures
Edition Commercial
License Type New license

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