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3D Scanners

3D Scanners

Creative Tools offer a range of 3D scanners and accessories from leading manufacturers such as Artec 3D and Shining 3D. 3D scanners transform physical objects into three-dimensional digital files.

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Shining 3D - EinScan Pro 2X

{einscan_pro_2x_series}EinScan Pro 2X specifications Scan Mode Handheld HD Scan Handheld Ra..

68,735 SEK Ex Tax: 54,988 SEK

Shining 3D - EinScan Pro 2X Plus

{einscan_pro_2x_series}EinScan Pro 2X Plus specificationsScan ModeHandheld HD ScanHandheld Rapid Sca..

86,611 SEK Ex Tax: 69,289 SEK

Artec - Leo

Artec Leo from Artec 3D equals easy 3D scanning. Artec Leo is the first 3D scanner to offe..

304,464 SEK Ex Tax: 243,571 SEK

Artec - Eva

3D scanners from Artec 3D are versatile, flexible and portable, and ideal for professional use. Unri..

183,751 SEK Ex Tax: 147,001 SEK

Artec - Eva Lite

3D scanners from Artec 3D are versatile, flexible and portable, and ideal for professional..

89,864 SEK Ex Tax: 71,891 SEK

Artec - Micro

Artec Micro from Artec 3D is a professional ultra-high-precision industrial desktop 3D sca..

390,948 SEK Ex Tax: 312,758 SEK

Artec - Space Spider

Artec Space Spider is a new and enhanced version of Artec Spider, designed specifically for CAD user..

264,965 SEK Ex Tax: 211,972 SEK

Shining 3D - EinScan-SE

Shining 3D has engineered and developed EinScan-SE (Elite) and EinScan-SP (Platinum), with unique di..

16,486 SEK Ex Tax: 13,189 SEK

Shining 3D - EinScan-SP

Shining 3D has engineered and developed EinScan SE (Elite) and EinScan-SP (Platinum), with unique di..

31,611 SEK Ex Tax: 25,289 SEK

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